5-step Collaborative Process

Your business is important and so is its presence on the web. Our design team creates professional websites for professional businesses and develops online tools customized to your specifications. To do this, we’ll need to get to know your firm. We’ll spend time talking with you. And we’ll keep talking through all 5 stages of our process. Here's how our process works:

  1. Conceptualize
    Through email and teleconferences, our team's communications with you will cover all aspects of your business including: business objectives, key audiences, branding and identity, feature requests and infrastructure requirements for your site. We’ll brainstorm with you for the best ways to present your firm on the web.

  2. Strategize
    From the information gathered in stage one, we now define the ‘project scope’. This is where we detail the goals, identify the steps to get there and cement the deliverables. At the end of step 2, we will have a easy-to-follow project schedule.

  3. Develop
    The Development Stage is the most intricate. It encompasses creating and customizing the site navigation, the graphic development, and entering content in conjunction with our content management system. At the end of this stage, all the front and back end features are fully developed and functional.

  4. Test
    Once development is complete, the new site needs to be quality tested. Navigation is proofed for intuitiveness, and components are tested to ensure that everything functions correctly. At the end of this stage the code is ‘frozen’ and is ready for live deployment using your domain name.

  5. Live Deployment
    Finally, your website is ready to become live on the World Wide Web. This includes correlating your new website with your domain name, setting up email accounts, an XML sitemap required for Google Verification, setting up Google Analytics for site tracking statistics, and your login credentials for content management. Please note - a registered domain name is necessary for this process. Domain name registration assistance is an optional service available with Advisor Designs.