I want my site to be “Mobile-Friendly” per Google’s specifications. What are my options to get my site mobile-friendly?

There are 2 ways for a website to get a mobile-friendly:

  1. Keep your current desktop website and add an additional website designed specifically for mobile devices. This option involves maintaining and managing 2 separate websites.

  2. Instead of 2 websites, get one RWD (Responsive Website Design) website, which displays an optimal user experience no matter which type of devise (desktop, smartphone or tablet) is being used to access your website.
Can you tell me more about responsive website design?

Yes; great question! Responsive website design is an approach to web design aimed at constructing sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). Responsive mobile layout meets Google’s requirements of correctly sized text, mobile view port, and correct link spacing when a user accesses the site from their mobile device.

Which solution is best; dedicated mobile or responsive web design?

Google says they prefer, and Advisor Designs recommends websites be responsive design. One responsive designed website is easier and may be more cost effective for you to manage than having separate desktop and mobile sites. Also, you don’t have to worry about "splitting" your SEO ranking between your mobile website and desktop website (www.domainname.com and m.domainname.com).

I’m happy with my desktop website. Is there an easy way to add a mobile-friendly site?

Yes. There are several service providers, DudaMobile being one of the most popular, that offer a dedicated mobile-friendly version of your desktop website. Once your site is set up with DudaMobile, users visiting your website from a smartphone are automatically redirected to your DudaMobile mobile version. Desktop users will continue to access your current desktop website. Visit Duda’s plans https://www.dudamobile.com/plan to see if this is the right solution for you.

Responsive Design Demo Sites:

We set up, customized and tested 6 responsive WordPress theme designs with financial advisors in mind. Each responsive theme has been customized to assure they pass Google’s Mobile-Friently Test. The themes we tested are free to install and use, though a pro version license may be available for purchase. Pro versions usually offer additional options and/or features. Like all WordPress themes, your theme will need installed, setup, and customized to your business.

To help you choose from our pre-tested responsive design themes, each can be reviewed at our demo links listed below. Remember to review each demo on a desktop computer, smartphone, and tablet to experience the designs responsive layout for each screen size.

Demo 1: http://advisorbytes.com

Demo 2: http://advisorcode.com

Demo 3: http://advisortopia.com

Demo 4: http://advisortheme.com

Demo 5: http://quill.advisordesigns.com

Demo 6: http://apprica.com

I want a responsive design website for my company, what does Advisor Designs offer?

Advisor Designs offers 2 flat rate responsive website design WordPress theme setup options. Each option requires Annual Hosting.

Setup Option 1 – One-time fee: $1150

This option is best for those who prefer Advisor Designs’ team setup and customize one of our 4 tested responsive themes (demo links above).

Setup fee includes Advisor Designs team performing 1 – 4k below and a maximum of 8 hours programmer/graphic designer time. Depending on your specific project requirements, it is possible to exceed 8 hours. Time after 8 hours is billed at our hourly rate $125.

  1. Setup database for WordPress installation
  2. Install WordPress using your domain name
  3. Setup WP admin account
  4. Customize theme:
    1. Insert client's logo file
    2. Insert client’s images
    3. Layout client’s text content
    4. Setup Contact Us form
    5. Insert client’s copyright into footer
    6. Insert client's disclosure
    7. Setup navigation menu
    8. Move Blog feature to its own page or disable blog, your choice
    9. Disable comments feature for compliance purposes
    10. Install and configure all theme-required plugins
    11. Install Google Analytics plugin
    12. Install Backup plugin

Setup Option 2 – One-time fee: $2450

This option is best for those who want to use a different WordPress theme than the 4 tested themes listed above, AND prefer Advisor Designs’ team setup and customize the theme.

Setup fee includes everything in option 2 PLUS choose any responsive WordPress theme. Depending on your specific project requirements, it is possible to exceed 8 hours programmer/graphic designer time. Time after 8 hours is billed at our hourly rate $125.


How does Advisor Designs keep prices so reasonable?


We have streamlined the responsive design process by pre-testing installation, setup and customizations of 6 different responsive designed themes for WordPress specifically for financial advisors and Google mobile-friendliness. This allows us to offer 4 different responsive design layouts that can be set up and customized to your firm at a phenomenal introductory price.


Customizing the Theme Design Match Your Company’s Branding

Use Custom Images:

Using your company logo image is the first step towards customizing the theme. Some themes come with default home page sub header images, however I suggest picking different images specifically for your company’s website. Images you choose will need to be high resolution. Istockphoto.com has a great selection of high-resolution images.

Custom Theme Colors:

Some themes come with multiple header-text and background color schemes to choose from. If the theme you choose does not include header-text and background colors you like, Advisor Designs has a solution. We set up a child theme that contains your custom color styles. A child theme is used so that when parent theme updates are performed causing files to be overwritten, your custom CSS styles are not affected, allowing your website to continue to displaying your custom color styles.


Website and Email Hosting

Hosting Subscription: $42/month (billed annually)

Subscription includes:

  1. Website hosting
  2. Database
  3. 1 GB Business email account hosting (upgraded email and archiving not included)

Compliance: Hosted Add-ons

  1. PageFreezer Website Archiving: $1020/year (1 year contract) or $948/year (3 year contract)
    PageFreezer automatically takes a daily snapshot of your website and code and stores it in an archive that you can log in and retrieve for compliance. It can also include daily snapshots of up to 2 social media accounts. Archives can also be ran manually.

    If your firm is required to maintain website backups for compliance, PageFreezer is the solution. Before adding PageFreezer, check with the compliance regulations your firm must meet. If website backup is not part of compliance for your firm, this option is not necessary.

  2. Upgrade Email - 25 GB Hosted Exchange Email: $260/user/year

  3. Email Archiving (requires upgraded Email) - Unlimited hosting storage for 7 years archived messages sent to and from your account: $100/user/year. Archiving includes:
    1. Message Central: main control panel to login and access features 2 - 6
    2. PolicySmart: manage, set up and review policies
    3. VaultSmart: review, resend and download archived messages and attachments
    4. Policy Quarantine: manage policy quarantined messages
    5. Spam Quarantine: manage spam quarantined messages
    6. Virus Quarantine: manage virus quarantined messages

Recommended Option

Logo Design for the Web: $350

Fee includes: 4 different logo proofs to choose from and 1 revision to the proof you choose. Additional revisions are available for $25 each.

Total Setup Costs

One-time setup and customization cost depends on which setup option above you choose, *other expenses that may apply, and any hourly time if performing the work for your project requirements exceeds 8 hours.

*Other expenses that may be added to final invoice:

  1. Some WordPress themes have a license fee
  2. Some WordPress plugins have a flat or subscription fee
  3. Image license fees
  4. Third-party or other service provider fees Advisor Designs purchases on your behalf. Example: Constant Contact

Get started in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Choose a setup option and optional add-ons that are right for your needs and budget. The end result will be a responsive designed website with your logo and other images, your text content, and relevant calls to action—all while meeting Google’s mobile-friendly requirements.

Step 2: Gather and organize your project requirements. Project requirements are specific to each website. Below is to be used as a sample only of what you will need to formulate your project requirements:

  1. Choose a WordPress theme
  2. List sitemap and navigation
  3. Provide logo and other images, text content, calls-to-action, third-party tool information,
  4. Other
Step 3: Contact Advisor Designs to put your plan into action.

How fast can my new website go live?

Once we receive all of your project requirements, programmer and graphic designer time can be scheduled. Once we begin working on your project, the typical WordPress responsive designed website is ready for your review within 7-14 business days.